Credicorp Oil Background

Our company was created in 1996 like CREDICORP LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY with aims of investment in the East countries.


We began by investments for the construction and operation of the six powerboats created and constructed by CEDIPSA (a Spanish company that makes the machinery for CEPSA) and a station on watch technical BOSH in Ukraine, creating a joint company TIROS PETROL with our capital in 90%.


Through the same company, the distribution of products of CEPSA, one of the great companies in Spain, took place that makes exploration and extraction of petroleum and that as well has great refineries and a great amount of Gas Stations in Spain and other countries in the world.


From the 2006 a company, CREDICORP OIL is created, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY for Import - Export of petroleum and the derivates, innovating metal scrap iron (HSM1-HSM2) and technologies. In the same year, we sign agreements with BSF - Spanish holding company of a registered patent of a new technology, for elaboration and production of BIO-PETROLEO and BIO-DIESEL, like a new source of energy generation that makes consume CO2 with a completely closed process, without it produces toxic remainders.


In several meetings with the as much Spanish companies of certain importance as of in, other countries we received many demands not only of products type BIO if not, also of provision possibility of the diesel engine D-2 and REBCO.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.




Yuri Martinez Manresa





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